Thursday, July 26, 2012

:: ALERT : My Friend' Car Being Hijacked Infront of Her House ::

Hidayah's FB Status on  24 Julai 2012

Berderau darah bile baca status Yaya di Facebook semalam. She has been hijack in front of her house in Subang Jaya at 10.15 pm  by 4 Indian guy using parang.. Masya-Allah gerun nyer aku dengar... Anak-anak dan bibik ada dalam kereta and kejadian tu berlaku masa Yaya nak closed her front gate. Alhamdulillah they didn't harm her or the kids but they are still traumatized over the incident.

Buat Yaya
Takziah babe..
Barang hilang kita boleh cari lain, yg penting nyawa semua selamat.Thank goodness u n family r safe.
Ada hikmah disebalik kejadian tu.
Be strong ya & do take care.
May Allah SWT protect u n family always.


Yaya's FB Status on 25 Julai 2012

My dear friends and relatives, I'm so touched and thankful for everyone's attention. still traumatized over the incident and at times keep on reminiscing last night's event, keep on blaming myself for not be extra vigilant... I had the hunch initially when the car jacker stop in front of my neighbor's which is 2 houses next to mine, but when 1 of them came out and pretended to be on the phone, I thought they were friends of my neighbor (my neighbor next house is an Indian family). so I just brushed away the thoughts and parked the car inside the porch. I went to lock the gate when 3 of them ambushed me with parang. I ran towards the driver's door but felt down and the parang man was already in front of my face, spoke in Malay commanded my maid and two kids to come out from the car, i shaken and screamed hysterically "amik, amik semuanya" pointed to the car, and rushed to the backseat to get my 3-yo daughter and my maid who was holding my 8-mo boy. it was in split second, i saw their faces but couldn't remember it, as far as i remember 2 of them were small torso, the one who's pointing the parang at me was a bit plump guy (the same guy who was pretending to be on phone earlier) and they were wearing dark collared shirt, maybe factory workers or car wash workers and could be mechanics.

So please friends, i wouldn't want this to happen to anyone of you, be extra vigilant and don't act rashly, just when you saw group of strangers nearby your house and stay there doing nothing and look around suspiciously, don't go out from the car, the moment you get off your driver's seat they will action, my maid was the one who open the gate but they didn't go straight to ambush till i left my seat, its the perfect timing for them to action. Subhanallah....its really terrifying!!!!!!

I know its a slim chance to get my car back but if anyone of you encounter any Honda City 1.5 in grey with plat WTE 1989 (I'm sure they would have changed the plat), please report to the nearest police station. I have nothing to described on my car, it was a typical car, nothing fancy inside, no girly stuff. I appreciate your attention guys, with that I thank you so much. Only Allah can repay your kindness. Amin.

Update on 26 july 2012


So pada kawan-kawan semua, PLEASE CONTACT HIDAYAH on 019 389 0338 if anyone of you encounter her Honda City 1.5 in grey with plat WTE 198 and please spread this news!!!! TQ



:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

Ya Allah !

Nur Hareza said...

Apalah yang akan kita lakukan kalau di tempat Yaya? Serius, buntu kepala.. Jangan balik malam? duduk apartmen/kondo dan make sura tempat parking betul-betul depan mata guard? masuk kan kereta kat porch, then tutup pagar adalah perkara normal.. ada stranger di hadapan rumah jiran pun normal.. unless kita call jiran tu tanya sama ada mereka kenal org depan rumah tu.. alahaiii, takut lah..

Syigim said...

yg membaca je pun dah berderau...moga Allah beri kekuatan pd dia dan family, anyhow alhamdulillah nyawa selamat...byk kes kita baca yg kena tetak n all that. moga Allah lindungi kita dr segala yg tak elok. amin.

Liza Othman said...

terkejut gak baca status die tadi. syukur alhamdulillah dia & anak2 & maid tak diapa2kan..

ashra said...

Takziah yaya.
Sedih dan terkejut dengar bila terjadi kat kawan sendiri..

Aku sgt mood gaban malas nak update me.
Entry bukak puasa pun belum lagi ni.

irmafittaputri said...

takziah yaya.. thanx yanie atas entry ni..xleh nak ulas lanjut...sbb lately byk betul dgr kes mcm ni...