Wednesday, August 18, 2010

:: A note from Ana Midori =) ::

I used to buy handbag from her and its been awhile since her last update. Rupanya her 5month baby sakit. So nie latest entry from her asking for our help. Harap2 kawan2 dapat panjangkan entry nie to others.

Dear darling friends,

Thank u for visiting my blog ~ (even though i have not been updating this blog for a long timeeee).. So sorry for the long silence.
As for some of u who would have known, I am not in the US anymore. I am back in Msia (for good).

I've stopped doing business for some reasons:
i was pregnant and on my 23rd week of pregnancy, my baby was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum. Basically the right ventricle is not more than a half the size of the left ventricle and the pulmonary valve was blocked. and there's a leakage where the blood in and out mixed up. Oh God Knows how i felt .. the doc said the baby might or might not survive till labour. and asked if i wanted to terminate the pregnancy? OR keep the baby with faith, prayers and hope. I won't kill my own baby ! i have seen her so many times on the Ultrasound machine screen during my check-ups,developing from nothing (just the sack) to an active baby with her moving,kicking and waving. She deserves a chance to be loved and see the world.. and we'd want to see her soo badly.. so i decided to keep her no matter what.

Thanks to God and all who prayed for my strong baby, Rayhan Sophia was delivered on 15 March 2010 at 10pm !~ Alhamdulillah

Anyway, she was scheduled for 3 operations ;1 after birth, 1 at 3 days old and 1 at 2 months old. and the major operation (final) will be in Sept 2011.
Good news !~ : all 3 operations succeeded :) YayYyy!!! Alhamdulillah.... !~

Not so good news : My hubby's company insurance does not cover congenital heart disease. We had to come out with the money from our pockets + our parents' pockets ! We have not saved anything for the final/major operation that would cost RM 30-40 K. How to save? My hubby's earning is only sufficient for 1 person , not 3 ~ Thanks to the company that has got all the employees underpaid.. And i have to stay at home, take care of my lil angel. I MUST contribute something......
Thus, I'm planning to declutter the room ,, sell off my personal stuff (brand new + pre-loved) . Hope this will help my darling hubby and daughter :)

So.... I really appreciate your help by supporting my "fundraising project" and who knows, with that money i might be able to start doing business again!!~ Please let ur friends know about this upcoming Sale.

P/S: Hati sering tersentuh bila tgk baby yang penuh dengan wayar2 berselirat dibadan nyer. Bila anak sakit, kita akan turut merasa tempiasnya. Semoga Ryhan Sophia cepat sembuh.


irmafittaputri said...

fuhh..birthday sama ngn bb farrah..tabah kan hati mereka

alyyani said...

aduh, comel sgt. secomel nama nya. sedih :(

ninieZUERYANNIE said...

betul tuh.. ati nih mudahnyer tersentuh bile tgk baby camni.. siannye.. mudah2an sumernye selamat & semoga fundraising project die berjaya.. amiin..

Em's Family said...

aku ni bab2 budak kecik sakit, sensitip..

Iryani Noor said...

owh sama tarikh ekk.. erm kesian kn.. hopefully next operation berjaya..


kann.. sgt chomell.. sedih bile baca pasal sakit die tu..


Amin.. aku mmg cepat sentap bile baca pasal bb sakit.. pastu lately nie bnyk sgt kes buang bb.. hangin betul la..


sama la babe.. leh nangis tau..