Wednesday, February 10, 2010

:: Tony Roma's Promotion :

Wow love is in the air =p...

TONY ROMA'S 2010 Valentine’s Day Promotional

*to enlarge, please click on the pic

Valid from 8-14 February 2010
RM99.90++ 3 courses, 2 people

The set comes with :
Choice of appetizer from the following to share:

a) Boneless Buffalo Bites or
b) Half Onion Loaf or
c) Tony Asian Chicken Salad or
d) Potato Skins

Choice of two (2) main entrées from the following:

a) Mojo Chicken (1 pc chicken with 2 sides)
b) Shrimp Scampi Pasta (5 oz pasta with 12 shrimps)
c) Beef Ribs (2 pc ribs with 2 sides)
d) Roma Burger (ala carte portion)

Choice of two (2) desserts from the following:

a) Apple Cranberry Tart
b) Carrot Cake
c) Raspberry Brownie Royale

Choice of two (2) drinks from the following (can be the same or different):

a) Yellow submarine
b) Cranberry-O

Sunway Pyramid 03-7492 1188
E@Curve 03-7728 7833
Pavillion KL 03-2143 3278
The Gardens 03-2282 8243

For those Tony Roma's lover don't miss out on their Valentine Promotion, starting this 8 February until 14 February 2010. As usual harus la aku n Abi pegi kn =p.. Tapi kitorg p awal sket sebab nyer kitorg x celebrate Valentine. *acecehhh... boleh pakai ke alasan aku nih?? Hehehe...

:: Baguettes + garlic butter ::

For starter... We were served complimentary baguettes with garlic butter spread. Abi suker betul makan roti nihh.. =p

:: Crispy Potato Skin ::

:: Dipping sauce ::

Next for appetizer, we choose Potato Skin. TR’s potato skin is topped with cheddar cheese and beef bacon, sedapp weyhhh and its a bit crispy.. ulalalala.. Dipping sauce die taste of mostly sour cream and mayonnaise. For me, it complemented the dish perfectly.

:: Smiley face ::

:: TR's sauce ::

Sementara nak tunggu makanan nie sampai, waitress tu siap demo on how to choose TR’s in-house sauces which is Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and TR’s Red Hots. Die siap lukis gambar smily face atas pinggan lagi. Cute giler.

:: Bountiful Beef Ribs ::

:: Kasi zoom-in sket =p ::

Then for our entree, aku pilih Bountiful Beef Ribs, a bit crispy on the outside, tp inside die sgt juicy and was still soft enough to come off the bones easily. Walaupon portion die nampak sikit, tp kenyang beb.

:: Roma Burger ::

Abi plak pilih Roma Burger. Its a chunky beef patty yang sgt juicy served with french fries, Cheddar cheese (can you see the cheese oozing out of the burger.. ohohoh very yummy), shredded lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles.

:: Mocktail Yellow Submarine dan Cranberry O ::

:: Raspberry Brownie Royale ::

Penutup harus la order dessert. Both of us pilih Raspberry Brownie Royale (punyer la xnak kongsi.. ahahha). It serve with a piece of brownie and a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with raspberry sauce. Masam-masam manis.. Sedapp =p

So pada sesiaper yang teringin nak makan western food, tempat nie sangat2 recommended. Lagi2 plak ngan promotion nie, sgt value for money. So aper lagi, cepat2 sebelum kehabisan.. hehehehe..


Fathiyah said...

saya pon suka tony roma's.mmg berbaloi-baloi.hehe..terliurnya tgk sume mknan akak nih...

Iryani Noor said...

Fathi: mmg berbaloi2... cpt pegi mamam sblom promotion nie abes =p.. better p sblom hari Valentine, takut nnt on dat date ramai org...
pssttt : akak yg tgk balik gambar2 tu pon leh terliur balik.. opsss =p...

kak ijan said...

seleranya mummy nie.heheh :)

irmafittaputri said...

huaaa....nak gak..meleleh dah ni

irmafittaputri said...

huaa...nak jugak..meleleh dah ni

aishah zaharin said...

isyh.... jeles!

Iryani Noor said...

K. Ijan : mmg selera =p.. eheheh.. seminggu skali jer leh mkn heavy mcm nie.. =p

Irma : ehmm aku dgr hubby ko tak dpt abes kn ekk.. ngehehhe.. harus la kite sbg isteri mithali yg lagi sarat mengandung nihh abes kn mknan die.. ahaksss =p.. alasan btul =p... ko mkn aper aritu???

K.Aisyah : ehhmmm ader org tu kena wat MGTT test minggu nih.. so xbley la mkn manis2 kn =p... next time yer.. hihihi