Thursday, February 4, 2010

:: Please Go Away ::

Last night I had a terrible nightmare.
It was so realistic that for a moment, I felt so shaken aftermath..
But I guess its totally normal with pregnancy

An article I read about Pregnancy and Nightmares said it could be due to:
1) Lack of sleep - which is impossible for me, coz' normally I'll be doze off around 11.00pm
2) Stress - which would be possible, especially pending issues related to my work
3) Fears about being a first time mother - which also would be possible

:: yeah yg berwarna putih itu adalah saya =p ::


NurShahFamily said...

apa yg yani lalui skrg nie ... mmg dilalui sesape je yg nak jadi ibu walaupun bukan yg pertama...

lepas bersalin kita akan rindu semua perasaan tu...

jgn stress2 sgt... tenangkan je hati tu hehehe hubby kan dh dekat... hikhik

Iryani Noor said...

K.Nur : tq kak.. mmg tgh control stress2 dr luar nie sbb takut nnt effect kt bb kn.. sib baik la farid dh ader kt sini.. kalau sakit2 tu ader gak la org nk tllg mengurut.. ahaksss =p...