Thursday, February 18, 2010

:: Pineapple Cup Tart ::

Am helping my sister-in-law with her home based business. So sapa2 area Johor yang berminat nak order Pineapple Cup Tart, just msg me k.

Pineapple Cup Tart For Sales!
(homemade pineapple filling)

Interested to order?? Please msg me =) ..
(Around Johor only)


Small Cup Tart
: RM12/ Bottle
(qty: 21-23pcs)

Large Cup Tart: RM1.30/pcs+
Transparent plastic case (order taken for 50pcs above)

Size (Diameter):

=> 3.5 cm

=>5.5 cm

Delivery Charge for any order from:

Parit Raja, Air Hitam

=> RM5

Batu Pahat, Kluang, Yong Peng

Johor Bahru

=> 10 bottle above = RM20

=> 25 Bottle above = Free of charge
*** Any order have to be made:

small quantity - at least 3 days before

large quantity - at least 7 days before

*** Any purchased for 10 bottle and above, deposit are required


::The Shopaholic Tauke:: said...

yanie...akak nk order!!!bolehh??

Iryani Noor said...

k.Mai: boleh2.. yani tgh amik order nie.. kebetulan hubby nk balik bt pahat.. akak nk brapa botol???