Tuesday, June 23, 2009

:: I've Been Tag Again by K.Fida =p ::

The rules:
1• Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
  • Kak Fida is staying in Al-Barsha, Dubai, UAE with her beloved family
  • Fulltime housewife...
  • Like to share info, exchange recipes and love to cook
  • She have 2 cute & adorable kids (Fatin & Farris)
  • She'd been married for 6 yrs and still counting =p...
2• Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
  • Loves anything with fur... except for dogs..

  • love to watch Naruto.. hahaha mcm bdk kecik la haku nihh

  • love to watch Bleach as well... kawaiii...

  • air muka nampak garang, but get to know me first before u make any assumption..
  • suka jln2 cari mkn ngan Mr Hubby... love to try something new.. tu pasal la pas kawen bdn naik 5kg =p.. eheheh.. blame it on the food..
  • born in Seremban, tp xpernah duduk sana.. chinese look... height 165 cm.. weight??? ehehehe secrets lorrr

  • Love to watch Korea movies especially citer Full House... anayangsiyoo

  • Love to travel... n one place I have in mind rite now is Niagara Falls.. been there once and will definitely go there again with Abi.. Insya-Allah..

  • m a shopaholic especially for shoes & handbags =p
  • love photography

3• Pick your ten (10) most deserving receipients and describe them.
  • Miera - bestfriend since highschool.. pejam celik dh 16 thn kiter berkawan ekk..
  • K. Nur - hot mama to bb Irfan =p
  • Weni - mother of cute twin babies..
  • Nozie - mommy to be =p
  • Reza - soon to be married =p
  • Farihah - another mommy to be
  • Irma - justt lurve her cuppies...
  • Athreen - owhh simply lurve her blog..
  • Elle - love to read her blog n she's hilarious..
  • Diyana - i'm a stalker to her.. hehehe

4• Leave a comment on the receipients’ blog to tell them they’ve been tagged.

5• Paste the award badge in your sidebar.


Ibu Emir said...

16 tahun,, mak aii.. dari zaman main water baloon sampai sorang sorang dah kawin kan.. luv u!!

Iryani Noor said...

ahahha.. ko ingat lg zaman water baloon?? ehh ko ader lg tak gambar kite yg msk URTV tu?? ahaksss =p... gila la..

Anonymous said...

udah 2X ko tag aku..nnti aku lyn yer

heheh =D