Monday, June 22, 2009

:: I Need Some Space ::

Don't you guys just want to be alone sometimes?
I mean there could be no apparent reason
But i just don't feel like talking to anyone
Just wanna drift off and isolate myself
Get in touch with my spiritual self
I just want space to myself
Sort out my thoughts and
Not get bombarded by friends.
Need some Quiet time

That is what I'm feeling right now...
So I get myself a really nice book...
by Cecila Ahern of course =p..
Ordered something nice to nibble on...
Cake & frappuccino from Starbuck =p...
Find a quiet & cozy place far end from others..
Get comfortable, and start reading.

:: I'm so in love with Cecelia Ahern ::

:: a nice treats when you NEED comforting ::

and now, i'm more relaxed,
more focused and enjoy a happier,
healthier life

(err healthier ke??? owhh dat fruppuccino is soo sinful =p)

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